Before   U   Suicide

Read This

!!!!    DEAR FRIEND    !!!!

Stay A While

We Can Help You






Just for a moment, let go of your troubles & situations

that have come to exhaust and overwhelm you.

Let go of any labels given you.


When our Hearts cry out for HELP know that

your voice will be heard.

Often in this classroom of life we are taken to

a point we can no longer bare.

A point where our pain becomes so overwhelming

 that we are blinded to knowing which way to turn,

or how to escape what we may be experiencing,

as our Darkest Hour.


When our body becomes exhausted we REST.

Yet when our ability to cope becomes exhausted

we deny it REST.

We deny ourselves that Tranquillity

that our Inner Selves requires to recoup.

For, it is within the center of this Tranquillity

that the answers we seek are revealed.

No matter our situation or problem, there is

an answer waiting to be handed us.

When we ask inside for the Grace for this great

weight to be lifted from us.

We are given the RED CARPET treatment. 

This RED CARPET will take us on a journey that

we never considered possible,

Yet a journey our Hearts have always yearned for

and knew existed.


NOW! Give yourself a moment, just for you

Close your eye and breathe deeply in and out several times.

Become aware of an energy that rides on your breath.

Breathe it in deep and out long.

NOW! On the in breath fill yourself up with so much love.

 Then on the out breath, breathe this love

into your entire being.

 Allow this process to continue as long as it wishes.

Filling yourself with so much LOVE.

Know, that your energy that directs your breath

is the bellows that ignite your inner fire.

Allow yourself to experience an absolute state

of stillness and contentment.

Make this your new world. Visit it often.

Hold on to this great energy of love.

Become aware of your Inner Smile,

let it shine through every part of your being.

Never let it GO!

 In order to experience the lasting fullness

of this great love

we must be completely free of all foreign matter.

Such as, of alcohol, drugs or any other such

substance alien to our True Nature.

Which is pure LOVE.

 Below is an explanation that may assist in realising

how we came to be cemented in such a state

of exhaustion, depression and pain.


Dear Friend

 May you come to know life and happiness on a new level.

Knowing that your Life Is Precious and you are here for a Purpose.

With Great Love and Respect. Thank you.

You were born to be Great.

You were born to be Free.

You were born to Create.

You born to be Happy and to experience Love.

You were created from the great energy of Love.

To receive Love and to give Love.

This great Love exists within every human Heart.

Yet this knowledge and place where it hides

has been hidden from us.

To find it, is like coming Home.


Memories Hidden Within.

Memories of sound, of vision, of nutrition, of pain, of joy, of love, of our entire environment were all recorded within the layers of our inner memory and in every cell of our being, from well before our birth, until this very moment.

Each memory creates or diminishes every thought, every word and every action of every moment of our lives.

When these inner accumulated memories become saturated with pain, with grief, with abandonment, with rejection, with confusion, with unworthiness, with hopelessness, with violence, then our lives are in need of a rescue plan.


Your Mind Is Your Friend

Our Minds may be likened to a computer monitor. It projects stored information onto our screen to be viewed and experience, but unlike a computer monitor our Minds have the power to create into reality our every thought.

Pure thought originates from the center of intelligences within your Heart.

As each thought passes through the accumulation of stored memories, it projects variations of our original thought as reality, shaped by these memories, onto the screen of our Minds.

Just as a computer requires to be cleansed by deleting unwanted items, viruses or threats, so to, does our stored deep memories require to be cleansed and melted away in order that we can perform with clarity, strength and Love.

Deleting Negative Memories.

Imagine, if all our negative stored memories were wax and all we had to do was to light the wick to melt them away, leaving us free from all our troubles, our worries, our anxieties, our depressions, and most important, our desire to end it all.

How happy you would be.

Well it is that easy !

By lighting our own inner flame, by stoking our own inner fire,

our mountain of unwanted memories are melted away.

Our lives will spontaneously become changed beyond your imagination.

Little By Little

As Our Pains Are Melt Away

Until There Is Nothing Left

But Love.

Always Remember!

Your Life  Is Precious and Your Life Matters.


Your Heart Is Great! 

Your Love Knows No Boundaries

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Please feel free to reclaim your life and come to

experience the great soul you are.

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- May Everyone Be Happy -

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